Code Quest 2023

Over the weekend, Sabercat Software sent a team of three chosen programmers to Lockheed Martin’s worldwide Code Quest competition. Lucky for us, we only needed to travel to the west side of our own county to participate, but it felt like a futuristic setting on another planet. A late-April snowstorm blanketed an inspiring building, but phones and cameras were not allowed, so you’ll have to imagine the scene. Picture a spaceship secretly parked among the snow covered red rocks. We were not even allowed to wander off to a bathroom without an escort.

Coaches and students were separated into different rooms. While the competitors were creatively solving tricky problems with smart algorithms, the coaches spoke with current Lockheed employees about things like the various paths that led them to their current jobs and what it is like to work there.

Congratulations to Nathan Lucas (Senior), Jade Swiryn (Sophomore), and Jackson Swafford (Freshmen) for their success at Code Quest. We improved from 10th place in Denver’s Advanced division (which includes college teams) to 7th place this year. We have high hopes for this up-and-coming team and actually expect multiple squads next year. Watch out for us!

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