The robots are coming

The world was introduced to ChatGPT just over one year ago, and we’ve already seen it begin to affect jobs. Some people use the tool at work, some jobs have been replaced by the tool, and still others are, so far, completely unaffected by this invention. If AI robots start to take over each and every job on the planet, what do you think will be the last three careers that people will be doing for a paycheck, and why do you think it will take robots longer to replace people in those jobs?

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One thought on “The robots are coming

  1. I think surgeons, anesthesiologists, and bus drivers. Robots can’t do surgery at this point and it would be hard to build a robot that knows how to preform surgery with minimal damage to the patient. Anesthesia falls into the same category of it’s something that would require A.I. to be put into a robot and the robot needs to move like a person. Driving a bus in particular would require a full robot with driving knowledge. Cars might already have A.I. in them, but buses don’t.

    1. I think that it will take the longest to replace doctors, athlets, and engineers. I think this becasue thoose are jobs that robots would have to become physical things to perform.

    2. Robots are open to multiple decisions, but they don’t know how to creatively think. The truth is that robots are going to take over the repetitive jobs like screwing stools together. The last 3 jobs to be taken over by robots are the development positions, marketing management, and CEO of the company that mass produces the robots.

  2. One career I think will take a while to be affected is surgeons, Ai doesn’t have the ability to have care and compassion and on the fly decision making required to keep people alive. Another job would be heavy machinery operators, again it has to do with on the fly decision making. Another job would be lawn care and snow removal, sure an ai can mow grass and plow snow but it cannot see or tell what’s under the snow.

  3. The jobs that robots won’t take over are ones that use human imagination and invention. Robots get all of their info on the Internet, and the Internet came from people. Creating new scientific laws and inventions will be a problem for AI, because they can’t think for themselves yet. Jobs like this include computer programming, scientists, and web designer.

  4. Mental health professionals, creative directors, AI developers/managers.

    1. I think people who’s main job skill is human interaction like social workers, therapists and counselors etc., will probably never be replaced by AI because the whole point is that you are interacting with another human that also has thoughts and feelings and is able to understand you on an emotional level, and that can’t be replaced with AI as long as AI isn’t conscious.
    2. High-level creative jobs like movie-directors, writers, and songwriters will probably take a long time to be replaced with AI because at least right now, people can often tell when a story feels “fake” when it was written by AI. I think it will take more advancements for AI to be able to replicate movies and music that has authentic “human” flaws and emotions.
    3. Even though AI may one day be able to develop itself or even run society by itself, It will always be overseen by humans in order to prevent a malicious AI takeover.

  5. I think jobs like judges/lawyers, Police officers, and general government jobs will be the last remaining as they often use morals and instinct to do their jobs over repeatable processes that can be written with code, each “input” in their jobs may result in a different output every time, which in my opinion makes them more human and less susceptible to A.I take over.

  6. jobs that require passion behind the projects are ones that will be much harder to replace. those include something like an artist, a game designer, and many people in the medical field. this is because robots cannot yet replicate emotions and true passion.

  7. The 3 jobs that will likely be last replaced are unusual jobs or hard to replicate jobs. So the three last jobs to replace are probably music performer because Ai has no need for entertainment. The second job is behavioral specialist I have a feeling Ai won’t need to do that job. The last job is a part of the government because the people won’t want Ai in the government as long as we live.

    1. I disagree with that statement because some doctors have been running by AI, and some construction will be helped by Ai to maneuver around the construction site.

  8. AI is egotistical. AI isn’t a smart mega brain like media depicts. It’s all very unoriginal and it’s actions are only based off of the information it receives. It will never be able to come up with new ideas or do anything different or revolutionary. Using ChatGPT or NovelAI you can clearly see how AI becomes very self obsorbed and if you carry something on too long it just spits out random nonsense it thinks is cool. This doesn’t mean AI is sentient or something, AI can’t even barely make a snake game using c++. All the AI images you see online are just google images with styles and characters or scenes plopped straight on. AI is not a thing to fear, and AI is lifeless and boring.

  9. I think any type of medical doctor or anything like that cant get replaced because I would be really hard to get the Ai to do this and not have a problem at all. It would have to figure out how to operate on different people because everyone is different so the code would have to be able to work for all sorts of people. Also, Ai uses the internet to figure out information so the Ai will not be able to think of new ideas so it could not work for any job that’s needs new ideas and creativeness.

  10. The fear of robots taking jobs is terrifying but I will say it will be stopped before it gets to far and be only held as a tool not a master or leader.

  11. I think one job that wont be replaced is artists because they require unique creativity. I also don’t think law enforcement will be replaced because they need physical people to respond to situations properly. I also don’t think composers will be replaced because they need to come up with new song ideas rather than using stuff previously out there.

  12. I think that all transportation will be controlled by robots and mostly other jobs too. I think surgeons will never fully get replaced by robots because they are some things humans see that robots can’t.; Maybe humans will control robots doing the surgery.

  13. Cleaning jobs and any physical jobs. The code would have to be very advanced and well done for a physical to work It will take a long time for robots to replace this is because it just take more code and more time to find the right answer and make sure that it works.

  14. I do not think that AI will replace the majority of the work force but if it were to happen, the last to go would likely be combat, strategical, and logistical roles in the military, as new conflicts require new thinking that cannot be taught to a machine.

    1. I disagree with this because I think that ai will take over most professions and I think the only jobs that will be truly safe from ai will be surgeons and those type of people.

  15. I think that artists, musicians, and politicians will be the last three careers left. All of these jobs require specific knowledge and the ability to create new things . Artists and musicians especially require emotion and meaning in their work to be successful, and that is almost impossible for a robot to replicate.

  16. AI could be replacing the workforce, and some already have like waiters at some restaurants, but complicated things like surgeons are going to be ard to replace. The military also will be one of the last things to be replaced with AI.

  17. I I believe that the last jobs to be automated will be cheaper labor like cleaning service workers, construction workers, and Sports Stars. The reason for the first two is that companies have very little reason to automate those jobs because they are of little cost to them, they will probably automate higher paying jobs first. And for the Sports Stars, robots will achieve perfection and sports would be boring with that, there will be sports with robots in them but human players will stay for a while.

  18. I think it will take AI longer to replace Emergency services, teachers, and military personal because Ai can not comprehend if they are in trouble or not because most of them don’t having feelings and they would be able to know what was happening unless they could comprehend what was happening.

  19. Most likely some jobs in the medical field. Take surgeons for example, it’s risky to put someone’s life in the hands of an automated machine that could very much mess something up more frequently than a human. Pilots are another one. A machine managing a large flying vehicle with great destructive power, in addition to possibly having some firewall disabled, and eventually a hijacked airplane. This is just a personal one, but I feel like cooks. Yes, robot chef is cool, but I feel like it’s just not special, I guess. Don’t take my word for it, I’m just a dumb freshman.

  20. Ai is a good thing and could be a bad thing but right now it is a cool tool that can do things like complex math. Overall I think AI wont take sports players jobs, therapists, and artists.

  21. medical related, construction, aerospace as it has be perfect for them to function, a little miss slip and its thrust to weight ratio can be all screwed yp

  22. I think doctors, therapists, and artists will not be replaced by AI. A good doctor knows when a patient is in pain, even if the patient won’t say. I also think a good doctor understands what it feels to hurt, AI can’t feel pain. Same thing with therapists. Therapists are necessary because they too are human. They understand physical, mental, and emotional pains and stresses. A great therapist will make a human connection with their client, something AI will never be able to do. Lastly, artists will not be replaced by AI because it also requires humanity. Good art, like music requires human experiences, a human brain and emotions. AI can’t authentically replicate that. AI is flat and lifeless. So doctors, therapists, and artists won’t be replaced by AI because those jobs require being human.

  23. I think that the 3 jobs to be last replaced by A.I. is surgeons, soldiers, and sport players. Surgeons can’t be replaced because they have the dexterity and knowledge to do something correctly, and they would know when they get something wrong and would know how to fix it in the best way possible. Soldiers can’t get replaced because you need personnel to do a lot of jobs, even though they could be assisted by A.I. but not replaced. Sports stars can’t be replace because the human element is what makes the sports enjoyable.

  24. i think it will probly be jobs that require creativity, and jobs like stock brokers that require split decisons made on gut fealing. and it may be grim but wars have no meaning if ther arn’t lives at stake, it may as well all just happen on a chess board.

  25. I think the jobs that are going to be left after AI takes over is work in Hollywood. Directing and acting. While screenplays and digital effects will probably all be written by ai, the actors and everyone else who works on that set will still work. Ai can’t replace real actors.

  26. I think that the last 3 jobs would probably be any job that involve being an athlete, a soldier in war and a job that involves creativity. I feel like AI is not capable of being creative and AI obviously cant play baseball or run track. AI also cant be a soldier in a war because we are not that advanced.

  27. i think that the 3 jobs would be Surgeon, teacher, and pilots. These are unique and i dont think that they would be able to be controlled by any robots any time soon.

  28. I think teachers, counselors, and sales people will be the last jobs to be replaced by AI. Teachers and counselors both are jobs that have very personal relations to their students/clients, and are essentially required to interact personally with others every day. It will be very hard to replace these jobs due to AI not having the same personal feel and connection with people as actual, live people.

  29. Cleaning jobs, teaching, and waiter. I chose these because cleaning robots will be unreliable. Teaching because kids will get very bored listening to a robot talking. lastly waiters because people like interacting with waiters.

  30. policing, medical, and education. An AI cannot feel any thing because it is essentially a program it has no brain so if the Ai kills people it won’t know and probably won’t care either because at the end of the day it’s just a robot and it’d be lazy for humanity to use robots to do everything for us.

  31. The biggest problem with AI is the dangers and morals surrounding it. Putting this power in the wrong hands could allow for mass wide hate speech and would allow someone to plant systemic racism in every AI response. So having safe laws are necessary. There is also the risk of AI taking over and safety needs to be in place to stop this. AI can share information millions times faster than humans so making sure they don’t take over needs to be a necessity. If all this happens and Ai thrives, it will be good for humanity and allow for easier more comprehendible access to information.

  32. construction medical and cop. construction because you still need people to make those things. medical because its hard to figure out what is wrong with people to help them. then cop because they need people to do those things

  33. I think the 3 jobs that wont be taken by robots or that will take longer are construction, sports, and health care. I think this because these jobs are jobs you need human knowledge for and its hard to re create the knowledge that humans can learn.

  34. A Lot of people are struggling in this form. Ai can replace all of the jobs they listed right now. The question is then, Which jobs are people most terrified of AI replacing and then those will be the last. #1 is obviously military officials. Such as generals, pilots, and satellite commands, missile site controllers, and nucellar submarine captains. #2 is government officials. Specifically the president role. People want a face to look at and will not trust the role of AI even if it could do better. #3 CEO positions of business. AI can already come up with business ideas, why not make some money on the side? Imagine Amazon, Tesla or SpaceX being run by AI. People would be terrified

  35. I think that A.I. could replace a lot of jobs, then the only thing humans will have left to do is destroy itself with dictators. keep society in check with therapy, and programmers to find ways to make new and improved robots.

  36. People will still be programming games and ways for people to use AI. People will also still be able to perform medical jobs like nursing and just normal doctor setups. AI will also never be able to be a politician or a government official.

  37. I think jobs that require human emotional thinking and understanding of other humans. One job is a politician as they need to understand other humans thinking and share the ideas with them. Another job I still think would be a teacher. Many kids use AI to teach themselves but younger kids still need a teacher’s guidance in life not just academically. Finally I think therapist as AIs can’t understand a human brain like another human can.

  38. I think the jobs would be doctors, coding, and government. Coding changes everyday you said so yourself. Doctors have to work with the human body, and every body is different, if there was a weird thing up humans can adapt robots cannot. And government is a whole thing and it takes so many people for just a little thing

  39. I think that the jobs that nobody ever thinks about like trashmen or street cleaners will remain and those people who were once frowned upon will rise to the top being some of the last to have jobs. Another job that might stay are politicians as I don’t believe AI can represent the thoughts and feelings of humans

  40. I think that if AI were to take over all the jobs except for 3 careers, I think it was be farming, professional athlete, and teacher because these all require things that only humans can do.

  41. I think that they jobs that will take longest to be replaced by AI are athletes and any job that can potentially cause harm to humans. These jobs include doctors, pilots, and others. I think these will take the longest because watching AI play football and other sports would not be as entertaining. Lastly, I don’t think the majority of people would put their life in the hands of AI.

  42. I think that the last 3 job that will be for a paycheck will be protection to the president like a secuity and that will not be taken over my robots because they will not be able to protect the president everywhere. The second one would be that the president and that will not be taken over because we need someone that is a human to govern our country. The last on would be being a cop and that is because robots cannot make the smae desisions that humans could make

  43. I think that tasks such as surgery or extremely precise stressful work will be done by humans as well as things like strategic military command due to robots being bad at pattern recognition and things of that nature

  44. I would say the last job that could remain is jobs that aren’t more Logical like a Person who would solve complex math or dose accounting I would say jobs that more most likely to be remaining or harder to take over is jobs that require the Human mind or emotions that it holds Since the human mind is more complex than any robot or Algorithm could ever be so I would say more or less positions that would require human emotions while being able to read others emotions I would say the mental health field is a as of now Guarantee job to stay for some time I would also say any kind of CEO of business owner positions because those areas of work do require some understanding of what people feel about things over just numbers and what works and what doesn’t Last I would say is writing even though AI can write a story it cant Write a story that is good as of now it can only put words into sentences It would take human emotion to put any real emotion into a story because writing contains more than just ideas it requires passion for something you are writing and a knowledge of how to add something that can change how people view the story something that I feel AI could never truly do but at the same time that could be the first because if the world is taken over by robots that is something robots are least likely to like if there are only robots in a world.

  45. I think that the jobs that are the most safe from Artificial intelligence are Athletes, Doctors, and Infrastructural jobs. Jobs that require pro sport athletes cant be replaced by a computer program. The whole reason that Sports are entertaining because it is the best of the best players who are genetic freaks who have worked their whole lives to play against people of the same level. Doctors are another job I think isn’t going to be replaced. The ability to quickly decide what’s best for others can only be done by someone who they themselves is also a human. Infrastructural jobs such as police and cleaners are some of the most important jobs in society and should be under the control of the human mind and ability to make decisions.

  46. I think the last three jobs will be surgeons, garbage workers, and infrastructure. Surgery is a very delicate process and would be very difficult for a robot to achieve, collecting garbage is hard as there is garbage found everywhere on all kinds of different surfaces so you would need a robot to withstand all of that and many of them, and infrastructure. Robots would have to create building on their own using materials given for normal work conditions and instructions.

  47. I think the three jobs that AI cant replace are doctors(Mainly surgeons), Bus drivers, and Firefighters. The big problem with assigning and making an AI that will preform high detail and life threatening surgeries is that they will not be able to complete 10+ hour long surgeries without some kind of bug in there code. The next one is obvious it would be almost impossible to program an AI Robot to perfectly mimic the patterns of roads and driving whilst having 30+ lives on the line. And finally AI would not be able to take over a firefighters job because of the immense heat that would melt the robots electrical components.

  48. I think that the three jobs ai can replace are Taxi drivers surgeons and warehouse workers. Warehouse workers just organize pallets and supplies and ai could easily do it. Surgeons because of ai,s precision. Taxi drivers because there is already so much technology about ai driving with tesla.

  49. I’m definitely curious to see how AI will evolve to be able to do very complex jobs such as surgery. Because as of now all they’re doing is working conveyor belts, so it will definitely be interesting to see how they progress.

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