Sabercat Software

Off The Walls

Collect oxygen containers, use your grappling hook, and solve puzzles by changing gravity. Made by Jade Swiryn.


AP Computer Science students made multiple versions of this game, inspired by Wordle and Family Feud. One version was written in Java and another in JavaScript. They also spent time connecting two different front ends (one mobile UI written in React Native and one regular webpage) which connected to the same backend code. The backend is powered by a web-based API. The version featured here is all in JavaScript and the data for the current game is temporarily stored in the browser (which means you can cheat if you know where to look).

Don’t Die

Fight waves of dudes with guns using your guns and remember try not to die. also you start off a little damaged. Snipers can penetrate through shields. WASD to move, click to shoot, r or click to reload, k to ditch gun, and p or escape to pause. Made by Corbin Collins.


AP Computer Science students made 10 variations of a memory game and combined them into this super console game. Everything is written in Java classes like what is featured on the AP test.

Casino Console

AP Computer Science student Josh Neill is back with a Casino game in Java. It has a fully featured console-based Blackjack game as well as Texas Hold’em game. (no less than 2 or over 14 players)