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Course Offerings

Current Computer Science classes offered at Castle View High

This is a CTE program (Career and Technical Education), so all of these classes are considered CTE classes.

Introduces Computer Science concepts and careers. Includes building websites, mobile apps using MIT App Inventor, and 2D video games using Scratch. This course satisfies a Practical Arts requirement. (1 semester)

Learn to program in Python. Grade shows up on high school and college transcripts. (1 semester)

Make 2D video games in Javascript. (1 semester)

Make better websites with Javascript, libraries like Bootstrap, and graphic design principles applied to the web. Projects include making real sites for clubs and organizations that need one. (1 semester)

There are two AP classes that can be offered in high school Computer Science programs, and this one is the more advanced version, which teaches you how to program in Java with classic algorithms and good object-oriented patterns. (1 year)

Make 3D video games in C# using Unity, the industry’s most widely used game development engine. (1 year)

Make mobile apps with professional tools and APIs. (1 year)

Make multi-tiered websites with databases and APIs like the pros. (1 year)

Improve your portfolio of projects with your best idea yet. Self-directed program with just as much mentoring as you need. (1 semester, can be repeated)

Work-Based Learning gives you CTE credits for a job that you found for yourself. With Internships, the school helps place you at a job, and they also can be paid positions. (1 semester)

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